We are school of Argentine tango.

Tango is part of our lives and we bring it also to you… since the year 2000. We are located in Praha Vinohrady but our teachers and students travel to dance in whole Europe, around the world, and also in Argentina. We organize classes and workshops, milongas, and support the activities of Prague tango community.

Argentine Tango

Couple dance that originated in Río de la plata (Buenos Aires, and Montevideo) and has spread accross the globe over the years. The music, communication, and improvisation are key. You can find local tango communities in many cities but also smaller towns around the world, and in Prague as well. Many Czech dancers who like to travel with their dancing shoes always packed started in Caminito.

Who We Are

“Basically we are bunch of enthusiasts who know quite well how to dance – like really. Some have been teaching long, some not so much yet (some have even quit). It’s been quite an effort to learn all that stuff so we hope that you won’t be much faster, because you would really piss us of….. excuse me, surprise us. (Well, some already have… quite many, actually.)”

I am a bit crazy – I want to dance, teach, create and organize something all the time. But other than that I am a bloody good dancer and teacher.

Tango came to my life in 2000 by coincidence through giving Spanish classes and since then it’s been determining my next steps in professional and also personal life. After several years of intensive training and practising, and travelling for tango around Europe and Argentina, I started to give classes and aftr giving birth to my children I never came back to my original profession in the world of business.

Tango is a dance of many inner levels and it matures as a wine. It needs time and humility. Tango tought me different perspectives about music, partner, and movement. Rhythmic gymnastics gave me a solid background and suddenly there was an embrace with a partner, which opened for me a road to myself and my feminity.

Thanks to tango I met many inspiring people and cooperated on interesting dance projects in theatres, films, concerts, and original productions. My travelling habits evolved, too: dancing shoes are always packed.

I am cheerful, like nasty words, and during dance I stick on the man so intensively that he wants to marry me.

As a tango dancer I both lead and follow. My love for tango goes even deeper, as I also found passion in teaching and DJing.
My movement background is mainly in martial arts and yoga. Over the years I’ve taken classes with many excellent teachers and I keep doing so.
I took my first tango steps here in Caminito.Cz in 2007 in Marek and Radka’s class and fell in love with it instantly.
Tango is a huge community worldwide where you’ll for sure find friends. But what is it that I love about tango the most?
I love that I can embrace complete strangers, we don’t even have to speak the same language and yet we can find so much understanding, inspiration, creativity in the dance, in the moment. No tanda is the same. Come join us!

I am young, promising, and motivated man with non negligible amount of talent.

For me, dance is the love for music, the joy stemming from movement and a magical interplay with another human being that keeps amazing me. In large part, it is also a psychological process connected to my own personal experiences and emotions. I used to do ballroom dancing but I always missed this dimension. It all changed in 2015 when I came to Caminito for my first class of argentine tango. I quickly fell in love with this liberating, a little melancholic but also quite elegant and deep dance, as well as its rich (sub)culture. I started to go to milongas, meeting new friends, … might not be the last time you hear a story like this. Today, I dance tango in Prague and many other European cities and also pass my experience on to my students. I am happy to be part of the amazing Caminito team! And I keep exploring new things, as in the beginning.

I am also young (maybe younger than Jakub) and promising (maybe also more than Jakub) and soon I’ll become the best dancer in the central Europe, and all, men and women, will stand in a queue to dance with me.

My first contact with tango was during my travels in Latin America in 2017. I came across an open air dance party in Santiago de Chile with dozens of couples dancing in warm embrace and I was delighted. Until that time I had been only dancing ballroom dances, salsa and bachata. I gained my own first tango experience in Caminito where I started attending classes lead by Radka and Michalis in 2017. That was when I started discovering the colorful palette of emotions, the uniqueness of embraces and the richness of connections with other people. This variety of shared experiences is what I love about tango. I hope that our classes will light up the tango flame in you, too!

On the other hand, I am a bit old, quite wasted, with broken knee, bald (but hairy), with the best days probably behind, and actually teach tango because they didn’t get anyone else.

My dancing begun on a primary school in 1987 because of two prettiest girls in the classroom. We were three boys who went to the dancing club but I was the only one who didn’t run away. (They really were pretty, those girls.)

I think it was the last Friday of January 2000 when I gave the first tango class. (Frankly, I never planned to live on tango but I wanted to enthuse more people by it and, therefore, I opened the classes for public.) The first time I went to Argentina was in 2001 and then several times more, I bought a bandoneon and played in a tango band a few years (10, I think, or more). From time to time I put music on a milongas. I just like tango.

Classes and Workshops

Do you also want to learn tango? No problem. Just join us and we’ll get it under your skin.

How To Begin

Our Basics classes are always on, just register and come! The opening class is every first week of month but you can basically join anytime. Or try our sample class.

Don’t Have a Partner

That’s alright. Either we’ll try to help you to get one or you can start alone. You may also want to drop a post in our Facebook group and you’ll find one sooner or later.

Afraid to Try

We understand that, we were also afraid at the beginning. But if you just keep your ass….. excuse me (again), yourself at home, nothing will change.

Regular Classes

Tango Basics

Mon 20 – 21:30 BASICS I
teachers: Marek & Veronika

Tue 18:30 – 20:00 BASICS II
teachers: Harris & Radka

Wed 20 – 21:30 BASICS III (6+ months experience)
teachers: Jorg & Radka

Sep 11th — Dec 13th 2023


2+ years of experience

Tue 20 – 21:30 
teachers: Jakub & Linda

Sep 12th — Dec 13th 2023


Sun 18:30 – 20:30
teachers: various
(not that this would be a traditional class; the teachers typically dance themselves but they are ready to answer your questions)


Every first Sunday in a month:

Dates: 1.10.2023,  5.11.2023,  3.12.2023
Time: 18:30 – 19:30

Sep 17th — Dec 17th 2023

Prices *)

Open class in the studio  |   FREE

1 class   |   350,-
simply one class for one person

5 classes   |   1600,-
package of 5 classes for one person in course of two months
(compensating for missed classes allowed)

10 classes   |   3000,-
package of 10 classes for one person in course of three months
(compensating for missed classes allowed)

1/4 year pass   |   5000,-
unlimited number of classes of different levels for one person in course of three months

practica   |   150,-
2h practice, price again for one person

(teachers present to answer your questions if needed)

*) Price valid from September 2023, 2 experienced teachers in each class

Sunday's milonga and open class

Milonga and open class every 1st Sunday!

1.10. & 5.11.& 3.12.2023 18:30 – 23:30
Tango lesson & Milonga (dance event) 
18:30 – 19:30 Open Class with teachers from Caminito.Cz

19:30 – 23:30 Milonga
FB event

Christmas Milonga Black&White

Vánoční milonga

Special Christmas Milonga Black&White

16.12.2023 20:30 – 02:30

DJ Marek, Veronika, Harris
surprise – costumes – raffle

Na Marjánce, Bělohorská 35, Praha 6

FB event


Come to join us in our beautiful studio in Vinohrady. The address is Studio ITAKA, Korunní 35, Praha 2 – Vinohrady.

The tram stop Šumavská is just in front, it’s 5′ walk from Námestí Míru (Metro, line A). Coffee shops, tea shops, wine shops all around; and pubs, too. (That’s where sometimes particularly amusing classes end.)


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