Tango Newsletter – Caminito September 22

Hello everybody,

new school year is here and so there are new group classes and regular events of Caminito:

Starting this week from 12.9.and the schedule you will find in the enclosed table. Our team is more beautiful now as Linda (Tue) became our colleague and also Jörg is teaching again on Wednesdays. You can also meet Marek (Mo), Veronika (Mo), Kuba (Tue) and Radka (Tue, Wed).
FB event: https://fb.me/e/1MMuYLL1f
Registration: forms.gle/Cg6vroyf1zLQtyv97

NEW DANCERS and discount for you + VIDEOS
If you bring a new couple who stays with us for at least 10 classes (3 months), then your next course is with 50% discount. More info at the classes.
For inspiration you can show them this beautiful teaser
🎥 https://youtu.be/jJChRY5vqH4 (Eng)
or a videotasting of tango by Marek and Radka:
🎥 https://youtu.be/zmcdfysEAiY (Czech only)

18.9. PRACTICA every Sunday 18:30 – 20:30 – time for your training
(every first Sunday there is the Open Class + milonga instead)

2.10., 6.11., 4.12. Open Class, best time to try tango and then join our group classes. (before Sunday Milonga Korunní,)

hope your eye will be pleased and you find all you need there. We will appreciate your feedback. Thank you specially Marek, Adrea (photo) and all the team for cooperation.
And the fast way of communication remains email, FB group Caminito.Cz – tango in Prague, and the FB site Caminito.Cz which creates all important events on FB. And you can also find us on Instagram.


2.10., 6.11., 4.12. MILONGA KORUNNÍ
first Sunday of month belongs to the Milonga in Korunní 35, our home studio

date to your agenda, more info later. If somebody has ideas for programe or contribution to tombola, please write me on: radka@caminito.cz


PRIVATE classes, SHOES for tango, SHOW, COOPERATION – write us on info@caminito.cz

Thank you and we are looking forward to meeting you on the dance floor!

Your Caminito team
Marek, Veronika, Kuba, Linda, Jorg, Radkathere

Přihláška do kurzů

  • V případě přihlašování párů vyplňuje přihlášku každý zvlášť. Pokud máte partnera/partnerku, jeho/její jméno je zde pouze jako reference.
  • Pokud partnera/partnerku teprve hledáte, můžete zkusit využít naši FB skupinu.
  • Pokud vyplňujete přihlášku i za svého partnera/partnerku a zamýšlíte to jako dárek, uveďte v obou přihláškách pouze svou emailovou adresu; na tu totiž budou odeslány potvrzovací emaily.

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